Learning From Each Other – Partners Input into Strategic Orientations Of BCSDN


The aim of the workshop was to provide strategic inputs into the BCSDN mid-term strategic planning process 2008-2011. More specifically, the workshop allowed partners to discuss strategy for the mid-term action and network’s registration, with the aim to become more efficient, responsive and actively engage in policy-development related to development of civil society in member countries. It also provided a space for exchange of experience and information between different stakeholders involved in the EU integration process on national, regional and EU level.

The agenda included 6 sessions devoted to Opening of the meeting; Main processes and challenges to civil society in the Balkans; Mid-term strategy 2008-11: priority themes for action; BCSDN institutionalization & registration; BCSDN financing; and Conclusions.

The 2-day workshop resulted in developing draft plan of action for the mid-term strategy 2008-11 on three priority themes: civil dialogue (incl. EU and national governments); inter-cultural (incl. religious) dialogue; and civil society development. The workshop also served to discuss the first draft of the Statute of the network. Further details on discussion and action points are available in Notes and Action Points.


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