New BCSDN Podcast Episode – Explaining Western Balkans: European Values vs. Bosnian Reality


Ever since the changes in the Criminal Code in BiH were publicly introduced, the talk on destabilization has been out. Some claim minor inconveniences and nationalistic rivalry amongst presidential representatives, while others claim to be living through the biggest destabilization in the past 26 years. What is the general atmosphere in the BiH during this destabilization? What would be the state with the civic space and rule of law in such context? Can we consider the EU as a stabilization factor in the case of BiH and how can the CSO community contribute to improving the state of the country? We covered this, and many other questions in our talk with Edo Kanlić from the EU Monitoring Initiative that is following the launch of their latest shadow report on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s progress on the Road to the European Union Membership: Political Criteria. Listen to the podcast here.
Source: BCSDN


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