EU Guidelines for Support to Civil Society ’21 – ’27 Launched at EU TACSO Forum in Skopje


EU TACSO 3 organized the EU Western Balkans and Turkey Civil Society Forum on 8 – 9 June 2022, in Skopje, North Macedonia. Senior officials from the European Commission, EU Delegations, governments, and diverse representatives from civil society organizations attended the Forum. The discussions led through the forum to the conclusion: that the role of civil society in the enlargement region is more important than ever, especially in monitoring impacts, reducing misinformation, defending the interest of marginalized communities, and maintaining the focus on the longer-term challenges. The main objective of the Forum was to launch the revised EU Guidelines for Support to Civil Society in the Enlargement region (2021-2027). These Guidelines set out objectives for EU assistance to civil society, provide a tool for governments to improve cooperation with civil society, and help to measure progress towards meeting conditions for EU integration. Read more here.
Source: EU TACSO


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