The experts’ database is established to provide the needed expertise requested by organizations applying for the ad-hoc support grants. This database is composed of experts demonstrating a good understanding of the WB region and current civic space trends, issues, and terminology. They have significant working experiences in advancing the civic space in all aspects, such as democracy, human rights, gender equality, social justice, mobilizing communities, environment and climate change, etc., and in promoting the civil society enabling environment with special focus on good governance, transparency and accountability.

These experts are result-oriented persons, with excellent communication, facilitation and presentation skills. Their services may be used in the scope of the ad-hoc support grants, where they may be assigned to perform a particular task for a requesting organization. When selecting experts from the database, particular attention will be paid to the “regional approach” principle, meaning that an expert from one country will be assigned to share its expertise and experience in a requesting organization from another country.

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