Regional Solidarity in the Aftermath of Earthquake Tragedy in Turkey and Syria


With sadness and sympathy, we at the Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN) extend our deepest condolences to those affected by the devastating earthquake that recently shook both Turkey and Syria. Our hearts are with those who have lost their lives or loved ones, as well as anyone whose homes were taken away in the instant tragedy.

Following the tragic incident, CSOs’ actors, activists, and individuals have come together to help those in need. Immediately after news of the event broke, rescue teams were dispatched while supplies such as food, clothing, and donations flooded into Turkey from around the region. This example truly highlights how solidarity can overcome adversity at difficult times.

Despite the significant obstacles, Turkish CSOs, including BCSDN member, TUSEV, demonstrate impressive strength and agility in responding to challenging conditions.

BCSDN stands in solidarity with those affected by crisis and is committed to providing humanitarian aid as well as necessary information across the region. Our mission – to help our constituents during these difficult times, remains a priority for us all.

Below, we provide a list of aid providers and some ways how we can provide our support:

  • AFAD is leading a unified effort to secure an improved quality of life for citizens impacted by the earthquake. By partnering with public institutions, organizations and non-profits, tangible steps are being taken to address the needs of those affected.
  • Kizilay (Turkish Red Cross)- acted immediately after the earthquake. Disaster expert teams from different response centres and from 13 branches were deployed to the area.
  • CAF America is committed to supporting the vital relief efforts underway to recover from this devastating disaster. They have reached out to all eligible charities in the region to confirm their work in response to the disaster.
  • Turkish Philanthropy Funds are in contact with the partners on the ground, analyzing the need, and established the Turkiye Earthquake Relief Fund to provide immediate relief to survivors in the form of food, shelter, water, and medicine. They also commit to provide longer-term assistance to help residents recover and rebuild.
  • Turkish Mozaik Foundation are in touch CSOs in Turkey which are experienced in rescue efforts and are working on the ground to provide emergency relief to survivors. In their first cohort, they are providing GBP 45,000 for the emergency rescue and relief efforts of the following 3 organizations: – Needs Map (İhtiyaç Haritası), TOKTUT  (Toktutmak Elimizde Derneği – TOKTUT), and AKUT  Search And Rescue Association (Arama Kurtarma Derneği – AKUT).
  • AKUT– has been at the affected disaster zone from the beginning with 641 volunteers as well as search canines. So far, they have taken part in rescuing 39 people from under collapsed structures and are determined to continue their mission.
  • Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations is on the ground as hospitals and medical facilities are providing emergency relief to those wounded with trauma and crush injuries.
  • AHBAP– with 200 philanthropists and 30,000 volunteers is another local voluntary network that is currently active in the affected regions.
  • OXFAM-Oxfam KEDV, the Oxfam affiliate in Türkiye, partners with around 80 women’s cooperatives in 10 Turkish provinces most affected by the quake and is currently assessing response plans with them given the scale of devastation. An Oxfam team is travelling to affected areas to conduct assessments, as part of Türkiye’s official National Disaster Response Platform.

Below, there is a list of organizations, working to provide relief and are currently vetted and eligible to receive grants from CAF America:

  • Haytap – Turkish Animal Rights Federation– Their team of volunteers is undergoing search and rescue efforts for trapped animals and people, and is answering calls from individuals trying to rescue their trapped animals from all these cities.
  • Molham Volunteering Team are launching the Earthquake Response” Campaign that aims to lessen the suffering of Turkish and Syrian people and provide them with the necessities they lack.
  • Temel Ihtiyac Dernegi (TIDER – Basic Needs Association) are in contact with the food banks in earthquake zones. Their preparations for the supply and shipment of the products that may be needed are continuing.
  • Toplum Gonulluleri Vakfi are organizing the mobilization of volunteers from all over Turkey on behalf of the Disaster Coordination Community, and have received around 16,000 volunteer applications. Donations will go towards the mobilizing and supplying the volunteers in their work to assist affected communities.
  • Turk Egitim Vakfi are in contact with the relevant organizations for all kinds of support and coordination.

We invite you to join us in our collaborative mission: share helpful donation links and information, as well as mobilize to assist those affected by this crisis.

Our contribution could help Turkish and Syrian people get through it with strength, resilience, and hope for the future!


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