Round 224 million EUR of Public Funds Allocated to Croatian CSOs in 2015


At the session of the Government of the Republic of Croatia held on 13 April 2017, the Report on the Financing of Civil Society Organizations and Programs from Public Sources in 2015 was adopted. In 2015, a total of 1,672,699,179.11 HRK (224,396,358.45EUR) have been allocated from all public sources at national and local levels for the programs and projects of civil society organizations.

State administration bodies, government offices, and other public institutions allocated 775,079,935.77 HRK (103.978.717,31 EUR), or 46.31% of the total amount from public sources allocated to CSO. Out of this, 21.50% were from the part of the games of chance, while 18.23% were from the state budget. The counties, the City of Zagreb, and other cities and municipalities, in 2015, allocated 849.469.022,72 HRK (113,958,180.70 EUR), or 50.78% of funds from all public sources.

According to the report, 36.104 CSO programs and projects were financed by public funds at the national and local levels(s), employing 22,232 persons, or 51,623 persons who received compensation for work on a specific contract, while 501,663 volunteers participated in the implementation of the funded programs and projects.

The report was drawn up by the Office for Associations by analyzing the reports of all state administration bodies, government offices, other public institutions, local and regional self-government units, and other legal entities that allocate public funds to CSO projects and programs, in accordance with the Regulation on criteria, measures and procedures for financing and contracting CSO programs and projects of interest to the common good.

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