Terms of Reference for Engagement of Trainers



Through this activity, BCSDN aims to strengthen the communication and advocacy capacities of the
Regional Hub’s grantees. Thus, BCSDN will organize a workshop that will bring together the
representatives of the Regional Hub’s grantees (regional networks of CSOs operating in the Western
Balkan region) with communication experts, and journalists to provide mentorship and capacity building
to the participating CSOs.
BCSDN is looking to engage trainer(s)/ facilitator(s) (an individual or a team of a maximum of two people)
to deliver a two-day workshop in North Macedonia in the last week of June 2022.
The topic of the workshop is training on communication skills for the Regional Hub’s grantees for better
presenting their work and results achieved to their target groups and stakeholders. The focus should be
put on the need for closer cooperation with journalists and mainstream and/or traditional media, as a
way for CSOs to improve their communications, as well as accountability, especially towards their main
constituencies- the citizens.
The expert(s) should consider the following topics for the training: public relations and cooperation with
the media; communication (including traditional and innovative communications channels and practices);
constituency-building and community mobilization; accountability, etc.

The specific aims of the training are:
– To improve the communication skills of participating CSOs,
– To increase the journalists’ understanding of the CSOs’ work, and
– To strengthen the relationship between the participating CSO/network representatives and
journalists/ media representatives through joint actions.
The overall aim of the workshop is to improve the CSOs’ accountability, resilience, trust, and impact.

The trainer(s)/facilitator(s) are expected to develop the workshop methodology and finalize it in
consultation with the BCSDN team. In addition, the trainer(s)/facilitator(s) should assess the group’s
knowledge and preparedness on the topic prior to the workshop, and implement a follow-up assessment
of the knowledge and practical skills gained at the workshop.

The main output of the workshop delivered should be the creation of communication strategies/plans of
the CSOs and joint action plan of the CSOs and journalists, or a similar output proposed by the
trainer(s)/facilitator(s) methodology, in line with the specific and overall aims of the workshop.
A 3-5 pages workshop report should be delivered within 2 weeks after the end of the workshop.

– Extensive experience (at least 5 years) in delivery of trainings/workshops for CSOs for the topics
of interest listed in section 2 of this call (preferably in the Western Balkans);
– Excellent communication and written skills in English;
– Financial offer.
The selection shall be made respecting the principle “best value for money”. Thus, the technical evaluation
can bring a maximum of 60 points for the offer, while the financial evaluation a maximum of 40 points.

The expert(s) should perform the assignment in the last week of June 2022. The start day will be officially
notified by the contracting authority.

Interested parties are invited to provide the following documents:
– Expression of interest outlining how the trainer(s)/facilitator(s) (team) meets the selection
criteria, including a portfolio of similar work completed, and their understanding of the ToR;
– A summarized description of the scope of work and the intended methodology to be used;
– Three recent professional recommendation letters from clients for whom similar work has been
– Curriculum vitae (CV) outlining relevant qualifications and experience;
– Financial proposal (in EUR).
The applicants shall submit the required documents no later than the 15th of June 2022 on the following e-mail: executiveoffice@balkancsd.net with the subject line: Offer for training delivery

The complete ToR is available for download here.


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