10 Years of Experience: BCSDN Reflects on and Improves its Monitoring Matrix Toolkit


From 27-29 March, BCSDN EO and representatives of Western Balkans and Turkey members gathered in Berlin for the Monitoring Matrix Revision Workshop. The meeting aimed to discuss the necessary changes to the content of the Monitoring Matrix (the MM Toolkit) based on their ten-year monitoring experience.

The BCSDN Monitoring Matrix is an important tool for monitoring the enabling environment for civil society organizations in the Western Balkans and Turkey. It provides a comprehensive overview of the legal framework and the practical environment that CSOs operate in, as well as key challenges and recommendations for improvements.

The workshop was divided into two parts. The first part, held on Tuesday, 28 March focused on reflections and analysis of ten years of MM implementation. Participants engaged in discussions per MM areas, comparative overviews of standards reflected in national and regional reports, and identification of new topics/standards to be added. The second part, held on Wednesday, 29 March, focused on planning and strategizing, MM objectives, plans, and opportunities, MM website testing, and common agreement on next steps.

One of the key outputs of the workshop was the testing and practice of MM platform features, as well as the agreement on the next steps and a plan for MM implementation for 2023. Participants also discussed the need for modifications in the data collection methods and the development of surveys that should be available to CSOs throughout the year. Additionally, the re-designed MM website was launched and tested by our partners. The new and improved Monitoring Matrix website is designed to be more visually engaging for the audience, and to present the comprehensive MM tool and research findings in more user friendly way.

In brief, the Monitoring Matrix Revision Workshop I was an important step towards ensuring that the tool remains relevant and effective in supporting civil society development in the region. BCSDN members will continue to work on the revision process in the coming period, with the aim of further improving the tool and its impact on the civil society sector.


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