Balkan Civic Practices Second Call for Contributions: Resilience through Togetherness


Continuing the efforts of the Balkan Civic Practices edition on Promoting Civic Space, BCSDN invites contributions from its members and partners in the form of op-eds, articles, case studies and creative reflections for the second edition, themed Resilience through Togetherness, to be published in June 2019, with the support of the Balkan Trust for Democracy. In the first phase of the call, contributors should submit abstracts (of max. 150 words) until 24 May 2019. After the abstracts are approved, full contributions should be sent until 12 June 2019. Selected contributors will be awarded a fee of USD 250.

By sharing stories of resilience, this edition aims to reflect on the International Civil Society Week 2019, co-hosted by CIVICUS, Civic Initiatives and the Balkan Civil Society Development Network in Belgrade. During 30 different sessions that took place under the theme “The Power of Togetherness”, more than 850 delegates from all around the world explored how people and organizations around the world can, and are, working together to enable and defend spaces for civic action in a world where global transformations are reshaping how civil society functions.

Reflecting on the ICSW discussions, the second BCP edition aims to share impressions and stories of CSOs actions in times of shrinking civic space in the Balkans and the wider Europe. Its contributions should tackle how CSOs counteract the negative trends, gauge where actions of resilience come from, and offer joint paths towards more inclusive and tolerant societies to explore in the future.

More details about the format of the contributions and the selection process is available here.


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