BCSDN 15th Annual Council Meeting: Strategic Documents Adopted, Future Plans Discussed!


Yesterday, 28th April 2021, BCSDN held its 15th Annual Council Meeting. Representatives of BCSDN member organizations and Executive Office staff joined together virtually to discuss the activities and the network’s accomplishments during the past year and the plans for the future.

At the beginning of the meeting, BCSDN EO presented the 2020 Annual and Financial Reports, highlighting the most important activities of the network and the outcomes in each of the strategic objectives of BCSDN Strategic Outlook 2017-2020.

The Council members approved the 2020 Annual Narrative and Financial Report, the 2020 Final Account and discussed the activities planned for the upcoming period. In this regard, BCSDN presented the final version of BCSDN’s new Strategic Framework for 2021-2024, which was developed through an inclusive and consultative process with the members and BCSDN Board. For the preparation of the new Strategy, BCSDN also conducted an external evaluation of the network and reflected the findings of previous evaluations performed in the past year a half, including the audit on Diversity & Inclusion.

The Council adopted the new Strategic Framework as well as the Annual Plan for 2021. Following the Agenda, the participants have also reflected on other vital topics, such as the membership fee, the BCSDN Accountability Report 2020, the need for amendment of the Code of Conduct for introducing operational compliant mechanisms, selection of new BCSDN Code of Conduct Committee, etc.

The event concluded on a positive note with praise for the EO for the significant achievements, and BCSDN EO thanking the members’ efforts, involvement, and support in the past year. Find all relevant documents here:

Annual Report 2020

Annual Report 2020 Brochure

Final Account 2020

Strategic Outlook 2021-2024


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