BCSDN Adopts a Code of Conduct


BCSDN is proud to announce that, on the 8th of February, the BCSDN Council adopted our Code of Conduct on the 9th Annual Council Meeting extended session. The Code has been a result of an active two-year long process of consultation and collaboration among BCSDN Executive Office, members, experts and stakeholders.

The BCSDN Code of Conduct is a set of principles and commitments on how we carry out our work and it sets out actions on how to improve our results. Applying these principles and commitments can help us hold us, our members and partners accountable to a shared standard. It also helps us explain to donors what they can expect when they support us in carrying out our initiatives. It establishes credibility for the network at all levels – with partners, the public, governments, and funders. Building on international best practices, such as the Global Standard for CSO Accountability, and our national members’ codes and practices, the BCSDN Code of Conduct presents our understanding of accountability that drives learning and change, develops trust with our stakeholders, and enhances the legitimacy and credibility of CSOs. Our Code of Conduct is at the core of what we regard as good practices in CSO accountability. BCSDN commits to respect and promote those practices.

During 2018, BCSDN will further develop an accountability implementation framework that will allow us to report how accountable we are to our stakeholders.

The full Code of Conduct is available here.



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