BCSDN Announces a Call for Proposals for Ad-Hoc Support Grants


As a part of Regional Civil Society Development Hub, BCSDN is pleased to announce the Call for Ad- Hoc Grants!

If you are an organization from the WB region and you are struggling with shrinking civic space in your country, facing pressure to the civic space, incidences of hate speech, hostile attacks to your organization, or you want to react towards the changes of a law that affects your work, etc., we are here to support you in your endeavors. The Hub is offering different types of support and funding mechanism, like response advocacy campaigns, legal support, financial consultancy, audit support, communication and outreach, etc., to respond rapidly to your immediate needs. We are also enthusiastic about supporting your initiatives for positive developments and the promotion of the civic space.

The Call is offering rapid funding to support the organizations from the WB region whenever they need to immediately address some challenging situation and when there is no other form of support available. The deadline of this Call is EXTENDED by the end of 2021 until all available funds are disbursed, offering continuous support and a simplified and accelerated review procedure to ensure timely response to your needs.

The Hub’s activities are funded by SIDA and implemented by BCSDN with the support of its members.

Read more about the Call here.


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