BCSDN Annual Council Meeting and Strategic Meeting Held in Berovo


BCSDN held its strategic network meeting from April 23-25 in Berovo, North Macedonia. The meeting was attended by representatives from BCSDN’s member organizations and Executive Office staff.

During the council meeting, reports were presented on the organization’s past activities, accomplishments, and challenges. Plans for the upcoming year were also discussed and agreed upon. The council meeting was an important aspect of the overall gathering, providing a platform for members to participate in the decision-making process and ensure that the organization’s activities are aligned with its mission and objectives.

The goal of the strategic meeting was to achieve alignment and make decisions on issues and challenges related to the network’s objectives and mission, establish a shared impact vision, and identify a clear way forward with a focus on impact and agreed-upon priorities. Participants’ well-informed positions provided plenty of room for dynamic dialogue regarding BCSDN’s objectives, as well future ambitions, and priorities.

During the meeting, members were invited to take some time and reflect on prior experiences while gaining a greater understanding of their European Union context, and the EU role as one of the most relevant donors and CSOs actors in the region. This was followed by an engaging discussion that highlighted key issues concerning this topic.

The meeting ended with a clear vision reached based on true consensus and agreed-upon priorities, with clear steps identified for the remainder of the process. The meeting was seen as a success in terms of establishing a way forward for BCSDN and ensuring that the organization can achieve impact while functioning effectively internally.

Overall, the strategy meeting was a valuable opportunity for BCSDN members to come together, align their visions, and work towards common goals. The meeting was a significant step forward for BCSDN and will help to guide the organization’s future activities and priorities.


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