BCSDN at CPDE All- County Meeting, Paris


Between 14 and 18 March 2023, the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) held an All-Country Meeting in Paris, France, to discuss the effective country work of the regional partnership. CPDE regional partners and national organizations committed to learning and discussion shared their experiences, leading to a successful event.

The meeting aimed to gather country inputs for CPDE’s new Strategic Plan, improve the understanding and ways of working of CPDE country work, and define methods forward to deliver value-adding results for country EDC advocacy. The event was a mixture of activities that explored the implementation context, and empowered network management and capacity development for country-wide initiatives. Participants gained insight into successful strategies from the past two years while being reminded of their unit responsibilities in supporting broader national objectives. At the event, participants explored a wide range of topics related to civic space advocacy – from national-led efforts and monitoring tools that measure civic space obstructions to partnerships between CSOs and private sector entities. In addition, they discussed how CSO representation in global forums could help advance progress toward positive change. Mutual understandings were also achieved around challenges and key lessons learned.

Ms. Marija Vishinova Shemova, BCSDN’s Network and Partnership Coordinator, presented CPDE work within the Europe region, emphasizing the importance of networking and aligning the network’s and European secretariat work with implemented projects and advocacy efforts. In addition to the recommendations, Ms. Vishinova highlighted the importance of global cooperation for regional development. Ms. Klotilda Kosta, the Programme Director of BCSDN member Partners Albania, showcased PA country’s work within CPDE to significant effect and presented two powerful instruments – PA monitoring tools and BCSDN’s Monitoring Matrix for CS Enabling Environment – that are integral in creating a more enabling environment for civil society development in Western Balkans and Turkey.

In conclusion, BCSDN’s contribution to the CPDE All-Country Meeting highlighted the importance of effective country and regional work and the need to monitor and measure the impact of national and regional level led- advocacy and external communications. The recommendations provided by CPDE regional and country partners, including BCSDN can guide CSOs, governments, donors, private sectors, and academia in ensuring successful country work and achieving their goals.


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