BCSDN Conducts Second Workshop on Monitoring Matrix Methodology Revision


This week BCSDN members and EO representatives spent few days in Podgorica for the second Monitoring Matrix methodology revision workshop, discussing  upon changes to the content of the Monitoring Matrix (MM). The aim was revise our flagship monitoring methodology to be more in line with the contemporary challenges faced by CSOs. Participants engaged in fruitful discussions and collaborative work over two days.

Representatives from BCSDN member organizations, including Partners Albania, CPCD, KCSF, CNRVO, MCIC, Civic Initiatives, TUSEV, and CNVOS, worked in three groups. They focused on specific areas of the MM, proposing changes that reflect contemporary challenges and situations faced by civil society.

After group work and peer review sessions, the participants addressed remaining issues and considered cross-cutting perspectives, particularly gender issues. The workshop concluded with a discussion on revising the monitoring methodology and outlining the next steps to be undertaken prior to the next workshop.

The revised MM will continue support organizations in monitoring progress and advocating for positive change in much more comprehensive and contemporary manner, suited for the fast-passed CSO environment. The event showcased the collective commitment of BCSDN members to continue the pursuit of the the efforts towards more enabling environment for CSOs.

The Monitoring Matrix Revision Workshop II marks a crucial milestone in fostering an enabled and vibrant civil society. Its outcomes and insights will shape future monitoring and evaluation practices within the BCSDN, contributing to a better society.


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