BCSDN Short Documentary


BCSDN short documentary shows you what brought together 15 civil society organizations from 10 countries in Southeast Europe. With the mission to empower the civil society and influence European and national policies towards more enabling environment for civil society development our members and Executive office have been working for more 15 years together to contribute to the democratic processes in our countries . In 2012, experts from BCSDN and partner organizations, and with support by the European Center for Not-for-Profit Law, developed a tool called Monitoring Matrix on Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development to influence European Commission’s support to civil society in Enlargement countries. This documentary reveals you the story behind the Monitoring Matrix.

The video is produced by Cenzura Plus in cooperation with BCSDN EO, and was funded by the EU and BTD. The aim of this documentary is to present the development and the achievements of the network through the years and most of all through the Balkan CS Acquis Project.

We would like to thank all of BCSDN members and partners for your support, partnership and contributions that have led us to these achvments.


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