CCE Policy Paper on Public Funding of CSOs and Political Parties in Montenegro


Centre for Civic Education (CCE) organised a presentation of analysis “Facts and prejudice – financing of non-governmental organisations and political parties in Montenegro from public funds” on 19 February 2016 in Podgorica. Keynote speakers at the conference were Daliborka Uljarević, executive director of CCE, Ana Novaković, executive director of Centre for development of non-governmental organisations (CRNVO), Nikola Djonović, programme coordinator at CCE, Boris Marić, senior legal advisor at CCE and Željka Ćetković, programme associate. The conference gathered 40 representatives of civil sector, political parties and state institutions which invested efforts through constructive discussion in order to provide contribution and create a better ambient for the work of NGOs in Montenegro.

e66f3fe6-9f8c-4916-8f31-156df9a27a2dThe publication provides an overview of legislative and institutional system of financing of NGOs from public funds, along with the recommendations which should be taken into account to improve current state of affairs. Also, it reflects on practice in this area during previous three years through the functioning of existing mechanisms of financing, but also indicates on phenomenon of discretionary decision-making in terms of the support to non-governmental organisations by state bodies. Furthermore, it reflects on regulations that regulate the financing of political parties and practices in Montenegro, as well as on regional and EU level. This publication is a result of months of research on the financing of non-governmental organisations and political parties from public funds of Montenegro. It was produced based on the analysis of legislative framework within respective areas; reports of competent institutions, local self-governments, relevant NGOs in Montenegro; data received based on the application of Free Access to Information Law; search of web pages of institutions/organisations; and media archives.

The produced publication Facts and Prejudices – Financing of Non-governmental organisations and Political parties in Montenegro from Public funds – is part of the project “For better public financing for NGOs!” funded through the Balkan Public Policy Fund, within the BCSDN “IPA Balkan CS Acquis: Strengthening the Advocacy and Monitoring Potential and Capacities of CSOs” project.

The paper is available for download in English and in Montenegrin.


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