CfA: Call for ICSW Local Events Hosts from the Western Balkans!


BCSDN, in cooperation with CIVICUS and Civic Initiatives, and with support from the Balkan Trust for Democracy, is launching a call for ICSW/local events in the Western Balkans to bring diverse civil society and community perspectives into the global conversations at the International Civil Society Week 2019! CSOs from the region are invited to apply for hosting a local event in their countries, and ensure “The Power of Togetherness” reaches the grassroots.

The 2019 International Civil Society Week (ICSW) will take place in Belgrade, Serbia, from 8-12 April. The event is designed to connect participants across sectors, themes, regions and backgrounds to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges. This year’s theme – “The Power of Togetherness” – will explore ways that individuals and organisations around the world can work together to protect civic space and help ensure the resilience and sustainability of civil society locally and globally. The 3-day ICSW 2019 programme will centre along three interrelated tracks:

  1. Bridges Track aiming to connect participants and build alliances,
  2. Streets Track exploring the sources and forces of civic action, and
  3. Stairs Track focusing on sharing tools, resources and skills that strengthen people’s participation
    around the world.

The local events enable the connection between the local voices and ideas and the ICSW. It is a way to broaden engagement with partners in under-represented or marginalized regions, who due to financial and logistical constraints would not be able to participate to or host events in Belgrade. ICSW/local partners will hold events at the local, national, or regional levels between January and March, in the lead up to ICSW 2019. Successful applicants will receive support for the local event and an invitation (including funding) to participate in ICSW 2019 and share the local communities’ views.

Deadline to apply is 10 January, midnight GMT, by filling in and submitting the application form to  More information are available in the Guidelines here.


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