EU Officials Presented with the Concept of EE through the Monitoring Matrix Methodology


On 25th January in Brussels, BCSDN organized a meeting with European Commission’s officials working on civil society in Enlargement and Neighbourhood countries with the aim to share its experience with monitoring the enabling environment in practice. Tina Divjak, BCSDN Board member, presented to the EC officials the Monitoring Matrix methodology and its complementarity with the EC Guidelines for Support to Civil Society.

The purpose of this training was to build a common understanding about the scope and content of CSO enabling environment (EE) and indicators that can define it, but also it aimed to get overview of the EE monitoring and its challenges (EU Guidelines, Monitoring Matrix and access to data) and to discuss the influence of monitoring on advocacy and changes in practice. The meeting was an excellent opportunity to discuss the situation in different countries and regions and to bring an authentic civil society understanding of the EE and the role that the EC should have in its development.


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