Infographic: Economic Value of the Non-Profit Sector in WBT


In 2015, BCSDN and its members for the first time collected and studied the data on non-profit sector in seven countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. After the publishing of the full study “Economic Value of the Non-Profit Sector in the Countries of the Western Balkans & Turkey”, BCSDN EO prepared infographics that visually present the main findings from the regional comparative analysis, and challenges encountered in the countries, as well as the main recommendations, aimed at developing advocacy campaigns to introduce more systematic and standardized data collection and availability.

The infographics are available here:

Why is this issue important?

Civil society’s contribution in the communities through volunteering, employing, generating ideas and funds, etc. is often neglected. The starting point in recognizing its added value is in the ability for the public to be informed about civil society’s work but also the sector’s basic parameters and characteristics. Ultimately, having data that portray a clear and factual state of civil society should lead governmental institutions in the countries concerned to recognize the economic value of CSOs and design relevant an effective policies and strategies towards development of the sector and ensure its economic and human resource sustainability.


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