Konekt Public Policy Analysis Presented: CSOs – An Invisible Employer


The Macedonian civic association Konekt has prepared an analysis of the public policies related to the environment for employment in CSOs. On 21st January, 2016, in the premises of Public Room, Skopje, the results of the analysis were publicly presented in front of more than 50 representatives of civil society. The findings will also serve to contribute to the preparation of the Monitoring Matrix report for Macedonia 2015, which will be published by MCIC.

The analysis, entitled “CSOs – An Invisible Employer”, provides a review of two key aspects of civil society as an employer: 1) the legal framework in the area of labor relations; and 2) the policies for encouraging employment, especially the active employment measures and their availability for CSOs as employers. Recommendations are defined for the future development of the legal and policy framework for promotion of employment in this sector, and they are addressed towards the law- and decision-makers, the institutions, and the CSOs.

Here you can download the full analysis and the policy brief (translations in Albanian language are available here).

This analysis has been prepared within the framework of the Balkan Public Policy Fund, part of the Balkan Civil Society Acquis project. The project is implemented by BCSDN and its members, in partnership with ENNA and ECNL, and is funded by the EU and BTD.


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