[Podcast] Explaining Western Balkans – 22 Years on The Edge of Democracy


Podcast Series: Explaining Western Balkans
Episode: 22 Years on The Edge of Democracy
Interlocutors: Dragoslava Barzut – Civic Initiatives, Belgrade; Sofija Todorović – Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Serbia

On the 5th of October 2022, when this episode of the Explaining Western Balkans Podcast Series is taking place, Serbia marks 185 days of its technical government, 15 days since the country has been put on the CIVICUS Monitor Watchlist due to Civic Space Obstructions, and 22 years since the Bulldozer Revolution when progressive activists took over re-directing the country towards, democracy, rule of law and prosperity.

This episode focuses on the benchmarks that contoured the timeline of events leading to the rapid decline of civic space and endangerment of the civic freedoms that put Serbia on the CIVICUS Monitor Watchlists, alongside Guatemala, Zimbabwe, Guinea, and Sri Lanka.

Access the podcast HERE.


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