[Podcast] Explaining Western Balkans – Cold December in Belgrade


Podcast Series: Explaining Western Balkans

Episode: Cold December in Belgrade

Interlocutor: Tara Petrovic – Researcher at Civic Initiatives

BCSDN is introducing its new podcast series aiming to explain (not so) everyday events ongoing in its member countries.
The first country in the focus of our podcast is Serbia and the ongoing protest in the country.
In this podcast episode, we conversed with Tara Petrovic – Lead researcher in Civic Initiatives from Belgrade, focusing on the “3 freedoms under magnifying glass” periodical flagship research product of Civic Initiatives that monitors the state of the freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and freedom of association on Serbia.
With her thorough familiarity with developments, processes, and legislation, Tara has been the perfect ice-breaker guest in our podcast series.
Together we dived deeper into explaining the latest protest series in Serbia, what outraged the citizens, which were the particular issues that citizens protested, what was the timeline of the events, and most important – where civic freedoms were under attack.
Listen to our first podcast and learn more about the controversial laws on expropriation and referendum, the rise of the radical right and the murals saga in Belgrade, the institutional pressure on the citizens practicing their freedom of assembly.

Listen to the podcast here.


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