[Podcast] Explaining Western Balkans – How (not) to lose the Balkans in 10 days?


Podcast Series: Explaining Western Balkans

Episode: How (not) to lose the Balkans in 10 days?

Interlocutor: Paul Taylor Senior Fellow for Peace, Security and Defense, Friends of Europe

In the new geopolitical Europe shaped by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Western Balkans are an object of heightened competition. There is an urgent need for fresh momentum in the EU’s integration of the Western Balkans. Yet, growing indifference in most western EU member states to the enlargement and accession of the Western Balkans, coupled with disillusionment throughout the Western Balkans, hinders any significant progress. The EU must end its neglect of the Western Balkans and seize the geopolitical moment to hasten their accession process.

In Friends of Europe’s latest study, Senior Fellow and journalist Paul Taylor examines what the EU and the Euro-Atlantic community need to do to advance the economic and political integration of the Western Balkans into Europe, provide bigger incentives for reforms and prevent a drift into potential armed conflict from ethnic nationalism and corrupt governance.

Access the podcast here: https://on.soundcloud.com/5rKkE 


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