COVID-19 Regional Overview Part I: The Effects to and the Impact of Civil Society in the Balkan Region


As a regional network focused on empowering civil society, promoting an enabling environment and safeguarding civic space, BCSDN is closely following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on civil society in the Balkan region, in a joint effort with our 14 member organizations. This overview is part of a series dedicated to the CSOs’ efforts in relation to the ongoing corona-crisis, as well as the influence this crisis has on their work, aiming to provide for an overview of responses and examples we could all learn from.

This first issue titled: Restrictions on Civic Space and Citizens’ Basic Freedoms encompasses details on bans on assembly and movement under the state of emergency; freedom of expression: fight against fake news and attacks on journalists and access to information; measures affecting the right to personal privacy, and amendments to the legal framework.

In addition to this first issue, focusing on the state of emergency measures and restrictions on civic space and citizens’ basic freedoms, the upcoming issues will discuss the state of CSOs – their activities, crisis needs and new ways of work – and the states’ and donors’ role and response, including the needed ways forward for civil society also to come out of this crisis healthy and more resilient.

Read and download the regional overview here.


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