Sustainability Plans of IPA FPA Projects Discussed in Brussels


On 26th-27th January, representatives of FPA (Framework Partnership Agreement) project partners met in Brussels to discuss sustainability of their actions and to brainstorm about recommendations to DG NEAR for supporting the sustainability of project outcomes. The conference, organized by the TACSO Regional Office was attended by representatives of DG NEAR and around 85 representatives of civil society organizations participating in the 18 FPA projects.

During the first part of the conference brief sustainability overview was presented for each project. Our Project Manager, Ilina Neshikj presented the key outcomes from the Balkan Civil Society Acquis project, and the main possibilities and obstacles to achieve sustainability (you can view the Power Point Presentation here). The second part of the conference was devoted to work in 6 working groups where representatives of each FPA discussed the common aspects, challenges and possibilities in assuring sustainability of their projects’ action and of the formed partnerships from three key perspectives (institutional, political/legal and financial). The second day of the conference was dedicated to presenting the working groups findings and discussion with representatives of DG NEAR for possible recommendations in shaping the future CSF assistance.

BCSDN and its members were represented at the conference and actively participated in the sustainability discussion. The Balkan Civil Society Acquis project and sustainability, as a project that defines BCSDN core activities, will be further discussed and streamlined in BCSDN new strategy to be adopted in 2016.


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