Workshop About Important Aspects of CSO Transparency and Accountability organized by MCIC


On 30 October 2019, the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC) in its premises organized a Workshop about Important aspects of CSO transparency and accountability. The Workshop was titled: How to increase the transparency and accountability of CSOs in Macedonia?

The purpose of the debate was to understand the meaning and value of self-regulation mechanisms, financial transparency and CSO integrity; to identify the state of affairs in Macedonia in regards to self-regulation mechanisms, financial transparency and CSO’ integrity; to identify the objectives that the organizations strive to achieve; to make future activity plans.

The moderator of the workshop was Tina Divjak, a deputy director of CNVOS – Slovenian national NGO umbrella network,  the chairperson of the BCSDN Board, Co-author of the Slovenian NGO QAS model, certified auditor for ISO 9001 and NGO model, as well as established trainer and mentor for organisational development.


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