Workshop on Self-assessment on Macedonian CSO networks


On 28-30 January in Ohrid, North Macedonia, BCSDN held a workshop on: How to increase the transparency and accountability of CSO Networks in North Macedonia? The representatives of the Macedonian CSO networks had an opportunity to learn about topics on accountability and transparency, by the shared knowledge and experience of Anabel Cruz, the representative of the Global Standard, who facilitated the workshop. On the event, the participants were also recognized with the Global Standard work, as well as with the different approaches towards self-regulation. To the participants was also introduced the Rendir APP: A Self-Assessment Application to Improve CSOs’ Accountability, which is from now on, available in Macedonian language.

At the end, the representatives benefited from the Transfer of Global Standard experience in self-assessment mechanisms, and had an opportunity practically to testify for their own (organizational) accountability, by using the RendirApp. By using the application, the representatives of the Macedonian CSOs to learn how to improve their accountability practices, and received a feedback and recommendations on it.



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