BCSDN Welcomes Re-elected Board Members


BCSDN is glad to announce its newly re-elected Board members, made up of esteemed member representatives:

  • Aida Daguda, Director, CPCD
  • Klotilda Kosta, Director of Programs, Partners Albania
  • Rana Kotan, Secretary General, TUSEV
  • Taulant Hoxha, Executive Director, KCSF
  • Tina Divljak, Head of Advocacy, CNVOS

Along with, Maja Stojanovic, Director of Civic Initiatives, and Snezhana Kamilovska Trpovska, Project Manager in MCIC, elected earlier this year, will continue their roles in providing expertise and strategic guidance to BCSDN.

With their extensive knowledge and dedication to civil society in the region, the Board members will greatly contribute to BCSDN’s mission of empowering civil society and shaping European and national policies towards a more enabling environment for civil society development. The Board members will also play a crucial role in leading the network’s advocacy efforts and ensuring sustainable and functioning democracies in the Balkans for the next three years.

BCSDN congratulates them, and we are grateful for their ongoing commitment and leadership. We look forward to their continued support in fostering a more dynamic civil society and protecting civic space in the region.

Read more about our Board members here.


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